Ann Fielder, Chair


Kevin Gillander

Robin Migdelany

Sue Hayes


Daphne Bullock


2019 Development Review Board Report


The Development Review Board is charged with processing permits for subdivisions, variances, and conditional uses, reviewing site plans, and, when requested, interpreting applicable town and state zoning regulations. Permit requirements and guidance about the permit process can be obtained from the Town Clerk or the Zoning Administrator.

Regular meetings are scheduled the third Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in the Town Clerk's Office. Meetings are public and everyone is welcome to participate. All public hearings held by the DRB for receiving final plat applications on subdivisions, variance requests, conditional uses, and site plan review are warned in the Caledonian Record and posted in the Town Clerk's office at least fifteen days prior to the public hearing. DRB meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the website, I invite the public to use the website to stay current with events pertaining to the DRB.

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In 2019 the DRB approved the following permits:

·         4 2-lot subdivisions (Mitchell, Bullock, Senio, Aldrich) 1 site plan review (Classen)

·         The following permit is in process:

-  Accessory building (Bellefeille racetrack)

·         No permits were denied.

This year, DRB members Kevin Gillander, Dot Borsodi, and Andrea Dinneen sadly said goodbye to long term member, Bernie Brochu, and to Chairman, Mike Barrett, who joined the Planning Commission as Chairman. We warmly welcomed our new members, Daphne Bullock and Robin Migdelany, and Clerk, Abigail Bernier. Anyone interested in serving on the DRB may contact the Town Clerk or a member of the Select Board.

- Andrea Dinneen, Chairman