Town of Waterford Fees List

Town of Waterford Fees

Town Plan & Zoning

Unified Develop. Bylaw (Adopted 3-5-2024)
Town Plan (Adopted 5-16-16)
White Village & Higgins Hill - Proposed Mapping
204.2 White Village SB edit
ACC Dwelling and Helipad language
203.3 Rural Residential SB edit
Short Term Rentals SB edit

Hazard Mitigation Plan

All-Hazards Mitigation Plan

Additional Documents

The following are documents used in the process of creating the updated Town Plan.

Reporting Form Town Plan
Waterford Parcel Size Distribution
Zoning District Map (Draft)
Base Map (Draft)
Land Cover Map (Draft)
Natural Resources Map (Draft)
River Corridor Map (Draft)
Soil Constraints Map (Draft)

Town Ordinances

Junk & Salvage Ordinance
Public Festival Ordinance
Traffic Ordinance
Public Right of Way Access (Driveway)
Town Burn Ordinance
ATV Ordinance
Dog Ordinance
Livestock Ordinance

Miscellaneous Documents

Complaints Regarding Town Serv. or Employees
Winter Operations Plan
Road Policy
Cemetery Policy
Cemetery Lot Pricing Policy
Purchasing Policy
Payroll Policy
Grant Management Policy
Personnel Policy Adopted January 10, 2023


Uniform Municipal Excess Weight Permit
Animal License Application
Application to DRB
Building Permit Application - Residential
Building Permit Application - Commercial
Certificate of Compliance
Driveway Access Application
Farm Structure Notification
Preliminary Plat Application
Public Festival Application
Variance Application
Marriage License Application

Waterford Volunteer Fire Department

Waterford fire Department Service Reimbursement