Town of Waterford

Highway Department Foreman Job Description

The Highway Foreman is charged with the supervision and maintenance of the approximately 48 miles of Waterford highways. This is a full-time, hourly rate position requiring a flexible schedule that may include nights, weekends, and holidays, particularly in winter. This is a “non-exempt” position under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.


Qualifications and Training

The Highway Foreman shall:

·         Have working knowledge and experience in road and bridge construction and maintenance;

·         Have the ability to operate and maintain the necessary equipment such as graders, backhoes, snowplows, bucket loaders, trucks, etc. Formal training in the operation of construction equipment is preferred;

·         Have the ability to perform all routine road maintenance work, including ditching, grading, culvert installation, brush cutting, repair and installation of guard rails and traffic signs,

          patching of hard road surface and tree cutting;

·         Have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) as required by federal and/or state law;

·         Have the ability to plan, organize and supervise all work;

·         Have the ability to keep accurate records and do basic mathematics;

·         Have the ability to estimate the cost of a highway project and determine if it is more economic to perform in-house or contract out;

·         Have a working knowledge of and ability to manage a town highway budget;

·         Have the ability to purchase and inventory adequate quantities of parts and supplies, while providing necessary oversight to prevent fraud or theft;

·         Have the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with Town officials, outside consultants and contractors;

·         Have a positive attitude and be able to work well as a part of a team;

·         Have the health and physical condition capable of performing occasionally strenuous activities;

·         Have knowledge of and understand the safety regulations pertaining to municipal operations;

·         Attend appropriate training sessions to update skills.


Physical Requirements

·         Must be able to stand, walk, and mobilize self in indoor and outdoor work areas;

·         Must be able to lift, push, and/or carry up to 50 pounds. This includes forward bending and squat lifting;

·         Must be able to shovel, rake, sweep, and trim for up to 8-hours per day.

·         Must be able to operate machinery, including a plow truck, for up to 12-hours per shift.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Highway Foreman shall:

·         Construct and maintain Town roads and bridges in an acceptable and safe manner, keeping culverts cleared, guard rails in safe condition, rights-of-way cleared to provide good visibility, making timely repairs to prevent further damage;

·         Plow and/or sand town roads and bridges in a timely manner in the case of snow, ice, or freezing rain;

·         Conduct an annual Spring and Fall road and bridge survey to plan necessary repairs and construction and report the findings in writing to the Town Selectboard;

·         Develop a schedule calendar for seasonal work that includes the necessary equipment repairs, road maintenance and construction projects for the coming season;

·         Maintain the Town garage and associated facilities, and all equipment and vehicles in safe condition to meet all VOSHA requirements;

·         Post roads regarding hazardous conditions, weight limits, etc., as necessary to protect public safety and avoid damage to roads and bridges;

·         Work a flexible forty (40) hour week unless otherwise authorized by the Town Selectboard; and

·         Any additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Town Selectboard.


Town Equipment

The Highway Foreman is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Town’s Highway Department equipment. Trucks and heavy equipment will be in safe operating condition at all times. The Highway Foreman shall:

·         Oversee the inspection of equipment before and after use for deficiencies;

·         Oversee routine maintenance and repairs including, but not limited to, oil and filter changes, grease jobs, tire changes, light repairs, plow blade replacement and sander maintenance;

·         Procure parts and supplies such as grease, oil, filters, lights, tires, and plow and sander parts as needed;

·         Arrange for professional repairs when necessary;

·         Ensure that vehicles are inspected when required by state law;

·         Keep up to date maintenance and repair records for all Town equipment;

·         Report any accident or damage to Town equipment to the Town Selectboard within twenty-four (24) hours;

·         Advise Selectboard of equipment that is nearing end of its useful life and get approval to hold an auction to dispose of the property at greatest value to the Town; and

·         Maintain and update as necessary the Equipment Replacement Schedule, advising the Town Selectboard on future equipment needs or upgrades.


Administrative Responsibilities

The Highway Foreman shall:

·         Maintain records and all receipts sufficient to organize and document Highway Department activity;

·         Suggest changes to departmental policies, or creation of new policies, as needed;

·         Assist in the development of the annual Highway Department budget and reports for the Town Report;

·         Assist in developing a written 5-year Plan for the maintenance and improvement of roads and bridges (e.g., larger culverts, new guard rails, hard surfacing);

·         Review and submit timesheets and time cards for Highway Department employees bi-weekly;

·         Provide receipts and invoices for all purchases on a weekly basis to the Town Treasurer;

·         Advise the Town Selectboard on the need for capital improvements;

·         Advise the Town Selectboard on contracted services such as paving or equipment rental;

·         Provide the town Selectboard with phone number(s) where he/she can be reached in case of an emergency; and

·         Submit a written report of Highway Department activities (e.g., accomplishments, problems encountered, etc.) and anticipated activities for the coming weeks and any other pertinent information prior to each regularly scheduled monthly Selectboard meeting.


Relationships with Others

The Highway Foreman shall:

·         Work collaboratively with other Town officials and employees to ensure effective and efficient municipal operations;

·         Communicate or consult with State and Federal officials as necessary, concerning road and bridge construction, maintenance, safety, regulations and grant opportunities;

·         Refer all citizen inquiries or complaints to Town Selectboard with proposed solutions;

·         Notify or consult adjacent property owners prior to any significant road work (e.g., tree removal, altering drainage patterns, etc.);

·         Assign and supervise the work of Highway Department employees and contractors;

·         Ensure there is NO personal use of Town equipment or vehicles; and

·         Maintain discipline and effective work habits in the Highway Department.


Relationship with the Town Selectboard

The Highway Foreman:

·         Is hired by the Town Selectboard;

·         Should maintain open communication with the Selectboard at all times;

·         Shall manage the highway budget and expenditures with guidance and approval of the Selectboard;

·         Shall prepare written seasonal plans that outline jobs to be done and a general estimate of the time and materials required for each job;

·         Shall report any on-the-job injuries suffered by him/her self or other Highway Department employees to the Town Selectboard immediately and submit a written report within twenty-four (24)                hours;

·         Shall report any damage to Town or rental equipment to the Town Selectboard immediately and submit a written report within twenty-four (24) hours; and

·         Shall obtain prices, estimates, bids, etc. for the purchase of road equipment or contractors with the approval of the Selectboard.

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